Choreographers Andrea Krohn and Karina Suárez Bosche

Stage design Yi-Jou Chuang         Sound design Carlos André Rico

Premiered June 2017                     Venue Kampnagel, Hamburg

Duration 40 Minutes                     Staging: Alternative space or theater

Video documentation David Gómez Alzate

Dramaturgy Mentoring Barbara Schmidt Rohr

Co-produced by K3/Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg and funded by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and the Behörde für Kultur und Medien der Freien Hansestadt Hamburg.

(AUSENCIA) The Absent

The gap that a missing person leaves behind is like a missing thread in a tissue. The perceptible absent body produces a jiggling mesh of gravitation and emotion.

Is a tribute to the missing and their relatives. Transformable movements explore the path between individual grief and collective action. Personal pains meet, unite and transform into a network of mutual supporting hands. On stage, dancers, stage designer and musicians represent the emerging community. A collective body arises. But, what happens with those who are missing? How can we embody them? The choreography feels the performativity of what we call „floating bodies“ in their presence and none presence. The piece honors the resilience of those directly affected, as well as all societies which are daily struggling with the concealment and impunity of these violent acts.