Choreographer  Karina Suárez Bosche         Medium Dance-Installation

Stage and light design Cheng-ting Chen   Team 2 performers, 1 technical director

 Premiered Oktober 2013                               Duration 40 Minutes

Staging: Theater or alternative space

Supported by Uferstudios Gmbh / Red Lab Gestión y Vinculación Cultural / Danza Net

World of silence, displaced nature. Artificial aesthetic and order. Two women coexist in a world of still, unvoiced, transplanted nature. After years of isolation, they have lost their language. Suddenly they find each other and, in an attempt to communicate through their bodies, sounds and eye contact, they approach themselves. The dance-installation in/the/back/no/words/hearing is a piece made for contemplative states. Real plants framed in wooden cubes form a unique installation on stage. A real tree with visible roots expresses the loss of our origins. The piece questions the possibility of radical honesty in humans, the search for their true nature inside a system and a society that imposes them how to be, react and move.


Video Link Casting A

Video Link Casting B