Augury - Photo Alice Dalgalarondo

Choreographer and performer Andrea Krohn

Music Henrique Iwao            Medium Dance Performance

Premiered June 2011            Duration 30 Minutes

Team 1 Performer, 1 light designer 

Staging Open space, Theater or alternative space

Venue Transformance Festival / MICA MOCA, Berlin

Supported by Tanzbasis GmbH

Someone whispers at your back. Look behind you. Something moves suspiciously next to you… Beware! Departing from a personal memory, the dance solo develops in an imaginary world of woman and bird, of dancing newspaper sculptures that perform a lonely attack and are attacked at the same time.

Augury exposes the fear of violence to which we are constantly subjected and which formats our bodies and actions establishing diverse paranoias: don’t walk alone in a dark street, don’t trust a stranger, don’t touch abandoned bags in public spaces… The experience of living in a big metropolis like São Paulo finds expression and echo in Berlin, where the dance becomes concrete: urban spaces, train stations, open squares. As the performer intervenes and dialogues with the surrounding architecture, acknowledging spaces of fight or flight, they become stages of confrontation with one another and with oneself.