Choreographer and performer Karina Suárez Bosche

Sound concept Alberto Cerro, Jaime Lobato & Felipe Sánchez Luna

Light concept Jose Luis Pineda Servín & Cheng-ting Chen

Light performance Cheng-ting Chen or Cristina Lell

Team 1 dancer, 1 sound artist, 1 light performer&designer

Premiered Oktober 2010             Duration 50 Minutes

Staging Theater or alternative space

Venue Encuentro Internacional de Escena Contemporánea EINCE, Teatro Experimental, Guadalajara, Mexico

Produced by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (National Fund of Culture and Arts), Mexico.

From immensity, from nothing, from the desert or the emptiness, a character irrupts. She walks and sees. Warm lights in the hands of “another” constructs her. The sound of a sandstorm. She coexists amongst imagery, throughout the chairs and people set around her. The confrontation between individuals and their own demons, their ancestors, and identities. To look into the eyes of “another” as a mirror, finding ways to communicate, finding human empathy in this proximity.

Desierto de Sillas (Desert of chairs) is a live collaborative improvisation piece that creates an immersive aesthetic experience. It is an interdisciplinary work centered on body intensity in which movement, electronic sound, and light intervention interact with each other. An extensive research on perception leads the creative team to conceive this piece in a way that the audience contributes highly to their presence. The dancer and the light performer move between the public as the sound artist sit in between them inviting all to immerse themselves in an experience of closeness that appeals to all senses.