Foto Cheng Ting Chen5.JPG

Choreographer Karina Suárez Bosche     Medium Performance

Stage design Cheng-ting Chen                 Light design Catalina Fernández

Premiered June 2014                                  Duration 110 Minutes

Venue Uferstudios, Berlin                          Staging Theater

Supported by Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz / Uferstudios Gmbh Berlin

Time. The time that stands still, the time of silence. Gray. The daily battle against the gray. The non-color that conceals without emotions, the color that leaves us dumb, dull and baffled. The gray velocity, the damn gray speed confuses us and blinds our hearts. Slowly turn back, look, and maybe the world will become aware of the daily fight against the gray.

Grau reflects on the daily struggle of individuals within the capitalistic system which often imposes faster ways of living in order to achieve “a successful life”. How is this shaping our relationships and notions of happiness? Gray women and men walk hurriedly through rows of empty chairs. The confusion arises as the spectators enter the room and find themselves immersed in a happening. Forced to decide how to deal with this situation, they are also granted the freedom to co-decide how the piece ends. By creating a horizontal space of interaction between the public and the performers, the piece is a statement on behalf of sensitive ways of interacting.