Photo Christian Scholz

Choreographer Andrea Krohn       Assistance Dramaturgy Markus Posse

Medium Dance Performance / Lecture Performance

Premiered June 2016                       Duration 40 Minutes

Team Dance Performance 4 performers, 1 light designer 

Team Lecture Performance 1 performer, 1 light designer

Venue Kampnagel, Hamburg          Staging Theater

Supported by: Master in Performance Studies Hamburg and Kampnagel, Hamburg

Imagine all those tiny sight lines between dancers and audience as little threads jumping chaotically through space. Can a dancer follow those invisible threads, grab or maybe even create them? The human gaze is fleeting, movements vanish every moment. Observe carefully what you see while it’s happening. Listen to our voices. Here… there… now… gone. Close your eyes. What do you see?

Look closer until you touch it explores the diverse paths a dancer can create to be looked at – a myriad of possibilities taken or not. After all, dance is impossible to catch and register, for it is an ephemeral art. The piece can be presented both as a solo lecture performance or as a group choreography. Using theater tools such as light and surrounding sound, the piece invites the audience to follow simple space orientations with their eyes. By doing so, the personal freedom of gaze is questioned, especially when directed at a dance performance. Despite the frontal alignment, the spoken instructions create a participative piece without ever physically approaching the audience. A choreography about interaction and expectations on the act of looking, that questions dance as a visual art.