Ochsentanz - Photo Felix Salazar.jpg

Choreographer and performer Andrea Krohn 

Medium dance performance               Premiered May 2013

Team 1 performer, 1 light designer     Duration 30 Minutes

Venue Ada Studio, Berlin  

Staging Open space, Theater or alternative space

Supported by: K3/Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg und Nachwuchsförderung from Goethe-Institut Germany.

A young, blond and caucasian woman carries a radio. Music comes and goes in waves, so the performer: searching, drawing circles, creating an autonomous space of homage, reverse anthropophagy and transformation. A red space.

In the Brazilian theatrical folk tradition “Boi Bumba” the tale of an ox who dies and is brought back to life is narrated through music, drums, and dance. Its link to the Brazilian colonization history inspires this solo performance, which reveals matters of power, stereotyping and land distribution. The artist challenges the expectations which arise from her body image and performs a ritual where the search, the taming, the killing and the resurrection of an ox, reaffirms and transforms Brazilian identity and creates a personal territory. Ochsentanz empathizes with the necessity of having a physical space to affirm one’s identity. It is an homage to the resistance movements of the native populations of Brazil who are deeply rooted in their original territories and fight to maintain and recover them.