Andrea Krohn,andy-foto Brazil/Hamburg is a performer, dancer and choreographer, Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic® trainer. She graduated in dance and dance education by the State University of Campinas/BR (UNICAMP) in 2007. Her interest lies in body movement, text and sound collage. Through those tools she questions choreographically matters of power, identity and perception.In Brazil she worked for several years with the dance theater group“Artesãos do Corpo”, receiving several prizes and nominations. In 2010 she received a scholarship to participate in the Sommerlabor Festival in Frankfurt am Main and moved to Europe. She founded in 2011 the Performing Arts Collective 77 Stolen Fish and worked as a teacher, choreographer and performer in Berlin in solo productions and in collaboration with several artists like Marcela Giesche, Polyxeni Angelidou, Lukas Matthaei and Isabelle Schad. Since 2012 she collaborates with Marsal Rodrigues and Priscila Patta in the project #TAPIOCATOUCH, touring in Europe and Brazil. She is currently working in partnership with Karina Suarez Bosche in the project “…parar” and developing a MASTER in PERFORMANCE STUDIES at the University of Hamburg. Website:

foto kari.jpegKarina Suárez-Bosche is a Mexican-German dancer and choreographer. She completed her training as a contemporary dancer at the University of Michoacan, Mexico (2002-2006), as well as the certified in Contemporary Social Movement at the same university (2007-2008). She is interested in art as a living and sensitising human process. This means more precisely for her, that in order to create, a consciousness of social-political reality is needed to generate work that can expand awareness into society. Dance for her is a physical and emotional bodymind presence that has the power to connect with the world in various dimensions. In her performative work, she is concerned in providing the audience more challenges to appreciate her work, proposing several times new configurations of the public . Karina has been living in Berlin since 2012 where she received a Master’s degree in Choreography at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch”, Universtität der Kunst (2012-2014). She has earned recognition as a choreographer and as a dancer, receiving awards, including: “best duo” for her interpretation in the piece “duet for two tongues” from the choreographer Anna Aristarkhova in the solo/duo Festival in Köln, Germany in 2014 and in Budapest, Hungary in 2015; the 1st place during the 2nd and 4th Contest of Contemporary Dance Choreography in Morelia, Mexico in 2005 and 2007 as well as best dancer in the later. Website:

cheng foto.jpgCheng Ting, Chen (1985 Taiwan)
is a scenographer, theatre designer and performer. She received her MA in scenography (Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum) from the TU Berlin and her BA in stage design from the TNUA Taipei. After her studies in Taiwan, Chen worked in Taipei as a scenographer for theaters and was technical director of the Guling Street Avantgarde
Theatre. At the same time she cooperated with different art groups in Taiwan like Body Phase Studio, against again Troupe, Gang-atsui theater and Odin Teatret (in project “Beyond Flow“, Transnational Performance Plan in Taipei), and others, in the field of scenography, theatre design and performance art. Her work „1:24 psychoses “ was selected for the World Stage Design Award 2009 in Seoul. Since 2010 Chen lives and works in Berlin, and presented her works in Uferstudios, Sophiensäle, Bauhaus Dessau and bat Theatre. Since 2013, Cheng Ting has been working with the Mexican choreographer Karina Suárez Bosche and together they have realised the dance pieces: „In / the / back / no / words / hearing“(2013), „GRAU“ (2014) and „desierto de sillas“(2014) . Her development leads her further away from the traditional Stage Art and more towards multidisciplinary space experiments, Visual Arts and Performance Art. Since the last two years Chen has gone astep further in her Space – Body – Material – experiments and started working on themes like people and environment, society, interactions and conflicts. Website: