P_A_R_A_R / Immersive Performance Art


Immersive means inclusive, that which envelops, that which receive. This word best describes the aim of our artistic work to create a deep contact between people, and between us as creators and the totality of what we are as society.  With the belief that dance belongs to all and not only to an elite or specialized circle, we, “the artists” are responsible for generating consciousness through the social reality that we are part of.

P_A_R_A_R / Immersive Art is a recent dance and performance initiative (2015) which aims to give our practice and professional work different ways to approach people, including new strategies to employ ourselves.

Ourselves as creators are always changing, affected by the global context in which we are immersed. Composed by mainly members with migrant backgrounds,  we consider ourselves responsible for maintaining a connection with our countries of origin. Working on a tour in Taiwan and China last year, we began a formal collaboration as a company with members from Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia, Germany and Mexico.

P_A_R_A_R,  is based in Berlin, Germany and was founded in June 2015 by the performer and choreographer Karina Suarez Bosche (Mexico-Germany), Andrea Krohn (Brazil-Germany) and the set designer Chen Cheng Ting (R.O.C.Taiwan).


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