Permanent „R“ Project


Permanent “R“ is a project that seeks the exchange and continuity of artistic research in an open and inclusive space, which is not bound to the production of a specific work nor limited in time. Artists from diverse disciplines with an interest in exploring ways to expand consciousness through movement and perception are invited to meet every two weeks to inquire together burning questions and exchange their practices.

The research will be directed by the interest of the group members, a topic might, therefore, be something that you personally want to explore. For example a concept, a sound motivation, a tactile experiment. Each participant will have the opportunity (but not the obligation) to direct a research session or propose a question or a topic they want to work for one or several sessions. This practice will help us build strategies to improve our individual ways of researching at the same time as it will open up new ways of working together.

Permanent „R“ is an initiative of „P_A_R_A_R/Immersive Performance Art“ and „Cia. Irene Cortina„.

Permanent „R“ is happening on Tuesdays every fifteen days and is being hosted by Brotfabrik.

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